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Our call began
With the loud cry of need.
Ragged in appearance, battered and tattered indeed!
A child removed from all that is good,
The streets a home with no shelter, clothing or food.
Pavements littered with dirty urchins, who beg and steal,
Enough! People said, we just cannot deal!
So came the Catholic Church, Scripture Union and FACT;
We need an intervention! And meetings were sat.
The plans were laid, now a name that fit?
Simukai Street Youth Mission, that’s what we will call it!
From humble beginnings and a one dimensional approach
A list of partners ready to coach,
Our journey began and swiftly we ran
Through learning curves weathered bit by bit
We lifted the vulnerable from the slimy pit.
A Child Protection Organization, we are now
From addressing needs only we sought to teach them how?
How to be a rights holder who spearheads their own change
The approach to child protection was now complete,
With a holistic range