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l warmly welcome you to the Simukai Annual Report for  the year 2018! With adoption of the Simukai Strategic Plan III (2018 – 2022), The Organization re-organized its programme into four key priority areas namely : Advocacy, Education, Healthy and Psychological Support and Economic Strengthening. This re-organization has ensured that all Simukai programmes are integrated to ensure efficiency and effectiveness . In the year 2018, Simukai working together with its partners, has managed to retain in formal education more than 300 vulnerable girls and boys in primary and secondary schools. Despite fulfilling the children’s right to education, the educational assistance helped to curb social ills such as child marriages,  school drop-outs  and teenage pregnancies. Access to quality and inclusive education and retention of vulnerable girls in formal education has been successfully facilitated by viable and sustainable in-school and community Income Generating Projects  (IGPs) as well as direct  school fees payment.