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I would like to extend a warm and cordial welcome and
greetings to our valued readers of this 2014 Edition of
the Simukai Child Protection Programme Annual Report!
Ebenezer for the Lord has carried us thus far into another
year of programming, especially under the continued
liquidity crisis characterized by dwindling fi nancial
resources to execute the targets, goals and objectives of
the organization.
Simukai Child Protection Programme has continued to
soldier on despite adversaries and operational challenges
affl icting the Programme. Programming funding has
continued to dwindle in the last year mainly owing to the
persistence of the so-called Euro-Zone fi nancial crunch
obtaining in Europe (mostly affecting Greece, Portugal,
Spain and Italy) where most funding partners or donor
agencies` offi ces are resident. As charity begins at
home, these mainline or traditional donor agencies are
also grappling with poorly performing economies back
home, leading to funding grants to development projects
including Simukai being drastically affected by way of
signifi cant budget cuts. In some unfortunate cases, being
stopped altogether as these affected countries struggle
to put their own economies back on track.