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Simukai 2018 Annual Report

l warmly welcome you to the Simukai Annual Report for  the year 2018! With adoption of the Simukai Strategic Plan III (2018 – 2022), The Organization re-organized its programme into four key priority areas namely : Advocacy, Education, Healthy and Psychological Support and Economic Strengthening. This re-organization has ensured that all Simukai programmes are integrated […]


The Simukai Strategic Plan (SSP) is a five-year 2018 to 2022, multi-sectoral framework developed to inform and guide the organizational response towards improving the plight of 8 500 vulnerable children, 1 500 youth and 7 500 households to all forms of abuse and exploitation and health related problems by providing an enabling environment to achieve […]

2016 Annual Report

Our call began With the loud cry of need. Ragged in appearance, battered and tattered indeed! A child removed from all that is good, The streets a home with no shelter, clothing or food. Pavements littered with dirty urchins, who beg and steal, Enough! People said, we just cannot deal! So came the Catholic Church, […]

2013 Annual Report

Greetings to all the readers of our Annual Report. 2013 came and now it is gone. The Annual Report outlines the interventions Simukai is implementing in communities with and for children. On a daily basis, we continue to read media reports on various forms of abuse perpetrated by duty bearers to children. The stories are heinous, outrageous, sinful, satanic and intolerable. Indeed, our country will never be at peace if children’s rights continue to be violated at this alarming rate.

2009 Annual Report

I would like to extend a warm and cordial welcome and
greetings to our valued readers of this 2014 Edition of
the Simukai Child Protection Programme Annual Report!
Ebenezer for the Lord has carried us thus far into another
year of programming, especially under the continued
liquidity crisis characterized by dwindling fi nancial
resources to execute the targets, goals and objectives of
the organization.