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Project Description

The project aims to accord access to equal opportunities to education and uphold the rights of the 114 marginalised boys and girls by providing educational materials as well as equipping them with necessary skills to claim their rights .The project is also tapping in on Simukai Child Protection Program’s already existing strength and experience and building on to that to achieve the intended outcome.


  1. To increase equal access to quality education for 114 vulnerable boys and girls in Dora Ward 5 and 35 of Mutare District by December 2017

Where the project is being implemented

The project is being implemented in Mutare Rural’s wards 5 and 35, Dora.

Target Group

  • Orphan and vulnerable children 114(58 boys and 56 girls) children
  • Disabled children


  • School fees payment
  • Scholastic material support (stationery and uniforms)
  • Goat IGAs
  • Goat pass on
  • Family visits
  • Junior SDCs and CPCs support
  • PSS camps
  • Parenting Seminars

Statistical Information

  • School fees payment –115 (58 boys and 56 girls) students had their fees paid this year
  • Stationery –115 (58 boys and 56 girls ) received stationery assistance .Each student got 8 exercise books ,2 pens and a ruler
  • Uniforms-40 (26 girls and 14 boys students were given school shoes

53 girls were given satchels

58 (32 females and 26 males)students were given uniforms

  • Parenting Seminars –160(140 women and 20 men ) people have been reached out to on parenting seminars
  • Junior Child Protection committees -68 (31 boys and 37 girls) were reached during CPC strengthening visits
  • Junior School Development committees -69 (33 boys and 36 girls ) were reached during SDC strengthening visits .
  • Goat IGA -40 (24 girls and 16 boys) were given 2 goats each (male and female )
  • Commemorations -56 people were reached out to on the day of the African Child commemorations in Dora